Pixel Perfect Drawing Not Working With Symmetry

Pretty self explanatory, here’s a quick visualization:

Happens regardless of the number of dots or symmetry mode.

Thanks for the report. I added it to my bug list and will have a look at it.

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I just had a look at it and its not a bug but disabled by definition.

The pixel perfect drawing records the pixels that are drawn and removes pixels afterwards(!) depending on stroke moves. That’s why you can first see a pixel and when you next move would create jaggies then the previous pixel is removed (actually it was already drawn but you don’t see that).
The symmetry algorithm does not copy drawn portions around because this would not work with multi dot symmetry. Instead it replays your strokes at a different position.
This interferes with the pixel recording. Of course this can be solved, but I’d like to postpone this. I will need to do the pixel perfect correction with all symmetry dots separately and this requires some deeper changes. Maybe I can solve it sooner for the simpler mirror modes (x and y) by just giving them a separate implementation that just mirrors pixels instead of replaying the strokes.
Does it hurt much?

Thanks for the explanation, seems pretty reasonable. I would like to see pixel perfect drawing work for the simpler mirror modes, as you mentioned, but it doesn’t hurt much, worst case scenario I can just copy, flip and paste. I can totally see how solving this for multi dot symmetry would be complex.