Pixels randomly erased?

I’m using paint tool on pixel perfect drawing mode. Holding the left mouse button and dragging it left to right and vice versa, or even diagonally repeatedly erases pixels randomly along the path of the pointer. I have no idea if this is some sort of brush type? I would post a video but I have no idea how to record something like this.

Actually, why does it look like the brush is trying to predict what I want instead of just painting while I have the left mouse button down? Is this some sort of setting? All I want is to have it continuously put pixels on whatever coordinate the pointer is at while I’m holding down the left mouse button, and like I said I’m using paint tool with pixel prefect drawing. But it looks like its trying to be smart and actually sometimes erase a pixel, or several pixels I just happen to go over again while trying to make the basic outline of whatever I’m trying to draw. This is so frustrating to use.

BraveOrakio this is the essence and purpose of "Pixel Perfect Drawing. it’s not for everyone in every situation. Turn it off and use paint dotted or paint to draw without the computer augmenting your actions. I like it when I freehand draw with a stylus you can’t beat it but if you are cleaning up a drawing you probably want it off.

Ah I see. So I’ve been using the wrong tool or setting I guess. I thought pixel perfect means that it will put pixels on the exact coordinate, if what I just said makes sense to you. Not exactly used to the terms or this app for that matter. Thanks!