Please add "take from brush container"

Hi Jan@cosmigo: There are numerous shortcut keys for everything but one that I have found that is missing is take current brush from brush container Now you might say restore brush does the same thing. In my line of work I have found that it does not because I am always modifying the brush by cutting out half of it. When I go to restore my Animbrush the program gives me back half of the brush that I had… Not at all what I needed! If it’s not too much of a problem could you add this shortcut Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Morintari ,

indeed Restore Brush is what I would suggest but you say that it’s nor working for you.
Can you please describe step by step what to do to make your problem happen?


Sure Jan@cosmigo… As you know I use PMNGs 3D abilities exclusively. That being said there is no option for 3D brushes so I have invented workarounds for my delima. The one for 3D brushes includes stamping down a brush for the current frame then cutting out the one side of the brush that is stamped down that is for the redundant eye.

Because this brush is then cut out I cannot restore brush to get the original animbrush from the brush container instead it only has the current half appear that isn’t the original animibrush.