Please fix the 3d functions(solved)

when you use the 3d functions and press the keyboard shortcut for change delta neg or pos you cannot see what you are doing. Please change this when you have the time thank you.

Can you please describe this in more detail? I just tried to draw a line and modifying delta. It led to correct screen updates. So I guess I’m missing something.

Thank you Jan@cosmigo for your reply! Ok ok ok I tried it out and I was mistaken it’s not for when you draw a line but when you are drawing with smart copy while changing the delta and drawing either with brushes or painting continuous. Here is what you do to get the bug to happen select smart copy/select either draw with brushes or draw continuous/change the delta/you will not be able to see your brush/draw. Any help is greatly appreciated.I think I figured out why it has this behavior. In 2d it would not be a problem to hide the brush as you are modifying it. It may even have an advantage this way so you could see the canvas before you stamp down the brush. but in 3d this is not desired. you need to always see your brush while you are moving it into position. Please fix this Jan@cosmigo I can’t use the beta with all of it’s cool features because of this problem. any help is greatly appreciated…

To anyone who wants to know this is easily fixed by changing the “temporary move tool” to anything other than “alt” in the custom keyboard shortcuts. I hope this helps.