Plugin dev tutorials; PMNG plugin API doc

One of the most powerful features of that other, mainstream, pixel art software is the ability to create plugins.
I’ve been trying to scrape what i can about making plugins (especially the how) in PMNG with no luck.

Then it struck me, maybe there’s an API doc? I could work with that. But no dice there too.

Query;Suggestion /

Is there a tutorial on how to make plugins for PMNG somewhere? If not, for those who are capable and familiar with making plugins, can you make one? Whether it’s all text or in video format, i’ll take any at this point.

A PMNG API doc for plugin creators would be really neat too (if there is none available yet).

There is some API as described here:

There are two types of API: “file i/o” and “manipulation”. Both need some revamping, though.
@tajmone kindly created a github repo here: GitHub - cosmigo/pmotion-assets: Cosmigo Pro Motion Assets but yet I did not find the time to jump into it.

What would you specifically want to do as a plugin?

Thanks for the links, Jan!

If possible, I’m looking to create a parallax animation with the click of a button.
I don’t know how others do it, but it’s incredibly time-consuming just doing one thing (shift pixels to direction x/y in x intervals) just for that effect.
I want to click one button and voila, it will do a parallax cycle to the left/right or up/down in x number of frames.

Another one is setup macros. -
I want to click one button to record.
Do my set of actions.
Then press another button to stop recording.
After, playback the recorded macro by x number of times.

Taking a quick look at the available API, not sure if those are possible though. As i understand it, a plugin is fully external and couldn’t reconfigure/edit anything inside PMNG. UI or otherwise.

Non-related Sidenote** I only tried using one of the plugins - ‘zoom and rotate’, and it’s too alien to use for me. I don’t understand how to use it at all. It seems to use UX conventions that i’m not very familiar with.

PMNG’s native rotate brush tool’s way more useful and practical for me.

To create parallax scrolling please have a look at the layer FX “Display other Project”.
The rotate plugin is out of date. With V8 the underlying “scale3x” algorithm to improve results is directly included.

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