PM Update Function & Chocolatey

I guess that a check-for-updates feature is already in the list of things to come; but I’d also like to suggest a PM-NG Chocolatey package:

Beside being an easy alternative to the built-in check-for-updates feature (in the meantime), it would still be useful even when the feature is implemented. For example, I use ChocolateyGUI for quickly updating more than one application at once, and this is especially useful before doing a system backup — instead of having to remember to manually update all my apps (or check the website for all apps that don’t have an auto-update feature), I just have to run ChocolateyGUI and let it take care of all the updates (for the apps supported, of course).

This would really only make sense if it was an “official” Pro-Motion NG package (ie: created by its dev). Else, the risk is that it would end up like those many packages that are no longer kept up to date, and are therefore useless.

I think that once the first package is created, maintaining it can be done via script automation — usually packages are kept in GitHub repos, and updating them means changing the strings with the version number and download links. So it should be easily done via some scripting language.

I haven’t created a Choco package my self, but I’ve looked inside different packages and they consist of a few PowerShell files (mainly settings variables to be parsed by the Chocolatey app)

Thank you for the suggestion. Will take a look at it when the time has come, I guess in September.