PNG Sprite Sheet won't import all colors to Unity5

I’m back from my previous problem where I couldn’t figure out how to get transparency to work on the Unity import. That’s solved, but I didn’t realize I was missing colors!

PMNG and Unity screenshot comparison:

There’s missing or weirdly-compressed coloring around her face, especially. Her emerald eye color is not even there.

What I’ve tried: importing as PNG regular and PNG true 24/32, BMP regular and BMP 24/32. I also tried all of the Unity compression options.

In order to import to Unity with all pixels intact, my sprite sheets need to be the same width and height. In case this matters, the height (220px) of my frames is twice my width (110px). This is why my 3 frames had added to them 5 empty frames so that the sprite sheet would be 2x4 (row/column) to even out to 440x440.


I thought I had tried PNG truecolor 24/32 but not apparently in concert with some of the other Unity compression options. When I imported the sprite sheet as a PNG true 24/32 and compressed with RGBA 32, it worked. And to reduce file size while keeping quality, I reduced max size to 512 px.

Thanks, and hope this helps someone else!