Polygon curve tool

The polygon tool is very useful but I think it would be nice if we had a polygon curve tool let me explain. the polygon tool lets you draw line after line until you click the right mouse button or you connect the lines. the polygon curve tool would do just about the same thing only it would allow the line that you are making the line that is one after another to be curved. Let me describe the modus operandi . first when you are using the tool and the lines are connecting one after another but before the new line is made from exactly the last point of the line it allows you to bend the line. after the line is bent the tool goes on to make the next line origin point at the exact same line that you have for the last point. next draw the line but when you click it again the line allows you to curve it like a curve. And so on and so forth. Please also allow it to work in 3-D as well let me explain. First add a delta if you wish then click the first origin point,Then allow for a second delta to be added and for a second termination point. The line then curves and the user can add a third delta identifying the delta for the curve. finally a line is created from the exact termination point of the first line and it is at the same delta so there isn’t any funny business going on with the stereo effect. Please implement this on your long list of great things to add to ProMotion NG I think it would be invaluable!