Possible to change existing project to use alpha transparency?

Starting to test drive Pro Motion NG for some actual art, and something seems to be an odd limitation: once I’ve created a project, there doesn’t seem to be way to modify the settings to allow for me to paint with brush opacity since the project wasn’t created with the alpha transparency option. Additionally, since it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to duplicate layers between projects, it seems like that I basically have to copy-paste my layers one by one to a new project with that setting enabled? Surely there must be a way to do this?

To enable Alpha either use the “A” sign at the layers window or use “Alpha Plane” in menu Layers. This will enable alpha transparency (or disable it to turn back to simple transparency).

Duplicate layers between projects isn’t directly possible. Indeed you have to copy your frames around using menu Edit/Copy Frames and Paste Frames.

Ah, OK, that did the trick. Thanks! Might be good to update the documentation when you get a chance (or possibly move that setting to the project settings dialog, which is where I was searching)