Pressing LMB and MMB simultaneously leaves undoable artifacts on the canvas (resolved for v8.b10)

This issue came about because the canvas was big and i wanted to be precise on positioning the line i was drawing with even segments.

First thing i thought on making this possible is by drawing the line, pan the canvas midway (while still holding LMB), then continue drawing the line until i get to my desired point.

Unfortunately, i was about to find out that this wasn’t possible because it seems pressing another button while drawing/painting would break the action on the canvas. Adding to that, it showed an undesired behavior and left artifacts on the canvas.


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  1. Draw/paint the canvas with any brush/tool
  2. While still holding the LMB, click and hold the MMB and continue drawing on the canvas
  3. Stop drawing/painting, then hit undo multiple times. We would see that we aren’t able to undo only the segment we’ve painted on the canvas before we’ve hit MMB.
  • What we drew/painted on the canvas while pressing MMB will be undoable.
  1. Juggle Undo and Redo to cross-check the result

Pressing LMB and MMB simultaneously leaves undoable artifacts on the canvas

PMNG v8.b9

P.S. Suggestion:
I feel like this is a long shot and would require some major revamp (If it is, you could just ignore this ff suggestion. If not, yay!). Can we have the ability to pan around the canvas while still holding the draw (LMB) button? Thanks!

The undo problem is fixed with V8 beta 10.
When holding LMB and clicking middle which is set up to also click LMB then this additional click is ignored.
Releasing the button will end the drawing operation.

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