Pressure effects 3d?

Hello Jan@cosmigo
how hard would it be to make Pen pressure affect 3d so when you press lightly the z axis won’t be affected but as you add more pressure it would? and of course you could change this in the tool and paint settings/pen? and of course you could turn this effect on and off? That way your only adding 3d info when you want to not when your drawing regular non stereo.

I feel like this is really tricky to implement. The calibration of pressure for each pen tablet brand in the world may translate differently when applied to the program. But then, I’m just speculating. I could be totally wrong.

A safe option I would suggest would be a kb shortcut for the functionality. Though, that might be inconvenient for some setups.

Cage a kB setup for stereo drawing already exists what I am suggesting is a way to quickly define 3d stereo such as your drawing lighting or bark or something of that nature.

Can you show some sample image where this mode would have facilitated drawing?

gladly Jan@cosmigo thanks for considering my request!

As you can see here anytime you would have to make an organic image that is 3d this could be very helpful imagine the detail you could achieve if organic textures were generated by pressure alls you would have to do is adjust how much the cursor would adjust on the right side of the screen and that could easily be done by tool and paint settings /pen!

Added the wish to my list. Still it’s hard for me to imagine that using the pressure to offset the right image pixels is precise enough and not leading to wildly varying depth impressions on lines/surfaces that should have the same depth.

Ok OK let’s listen to reason on this one. If you think it will make wild effects I can skip on this one, but I do have a simpler request on my other feed please look on the subject line "connecting lines interupt"
Thank you for considering the afore mentioned request.