Preview image showing red overlayed color?

I apparently pressed some shortcut and now my preview window looks like there’s a red color layer blended in it.

Like this:

What is this? What is it used for? (Cause it looks interesting)
And how can I set it back to normal again?

Thanks in advance!

Pleas check menu Processing/Enable 3D View…
I think this is enabled. It’s a red/cyan anaglyph mode used with Stereo drawing that you can use in connection with red/blue 3d glasses.

3-D is great it is highly underrated. And can be used in full color using either a 3d monitor or side by side viewing (which requires you to cross your eyes). If you or any one else on this site needs a tutorial on how it is used please don’t hesitate to contact me Through personal messaging.

Thanks Jan!

I’ll keep that in mind, Morintari. I’ve been curious about 3D + Pixelart for a long time. I’ve seen pixelart as a texture on 3d assets. Also, some shader animation in pixelart on top of pixelart.
But the use case for pure pixelart as 3D? My world is not big enough. Idk how or where it’s used. It baffles me.

Ok you wore me down I cannot tell you how in a single post. It takes many sessions with you to show you all of my tricks.But I will go over the most basic way to make a 3d image.

First go to ProMotion NG help file and click on stereo drawing and read the whole post.

Next the mechanics. Go to enable stereo drawing (smart copy)

It is also important that you set the animation window to the appropriate output either 3d anaglyph or interlace. if you are using red and blue anaglyph, or an interlace full color 3d monitor, you can see 3d by crossing your eyes you may want to select none. That way you have a small crosseye 3d window so you can view your work much smaller than the magnify window.

Finnally you will see the screen divided by a green line. Now draw but when you want something to sink into the background press keystroke (alt Q) When you want something to come off of the screen press (alt W).

But please note this only scratches the surface of 3d in ProMotion NG!

You are capable of making lines, splines,Cloning,Speed cloning,3d fills,3d shears, 3d scaling 3d paintings 3d animations 3d sprites 3d backgrounds, 3d tiles. The sky is the limit and I can think of even more tools Id like to see so please use the tools and tell other people to do the same and request more 3d tools please!

This kind of art can be used to make games for the 3ds or more common the Virtual Boy but it can also be used for VR as well.

You can see my posts by crossing your eyes25the%20battle%20and%20the%20escape%20crosseyee%20fin !!!

like I said earlier or wearing anaglph 3d glasses. The 3-D effect is minimal and is far more pronounced with a crosseye version. As far as purchasing 3d glasses, try these guys.



They have always been honest and professional to me, and I ordered 4 pair from there.

As far as seeing animations while crossing your eyes. It’s exciting if you can view 3d by doing so.Because you can then view and create full color 3d animations among other things!

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