Pro Motion from Humble Game Making Bundle?

Hi, I got Pro Motion 6.5 from Humble Bundle in the Humble Game Making Bundle a few years back. I wanted to know if this counted as a previous version, in regards to upgrading to Pro Motion NG. I don’t think it came with a license key, but I don’t know if that was just how 6.5 was, or maybe because of being DRM free or such?

Funny story. I purchased the same exact humble bundle with PM 6.5 in it a few years back. Forgot about it, and then purchased it again at steam. So it’s like… “PM’s so nice i bought it twice… without thinking about it.” :sweat_smile:

To answer your question, you could mail @jan.cosmigo directly for this query.

Yes, it counts as a package to buy an upgrade for.

“PM’s so nice i bought it twice…” :+1:

Oh yeah, is the bug that causes 6.5 to crash when importing PNGs exported from GIMP fixed in the current version? Figured I should check that since it’s the reason I was looking into upgrading.

Actually I don’t remember that there was such a bug. Just loaded a Gimp-PNG without problems but that does not say much. If it still happens with you file then please post it here and I’ll try to fix it.

On further inspection, it seems like it only happens with images I’d used the “Decompose” filter on to create an opaque image from the alpha of another image. Here’s one such image. I suspect GIMP might add some extra data somewhere to allow for the “Recompose” function. Version of GIMP is 2.8.22. It’s a pretty niche case, so I’d understand if you didn’t want to bother with it.