Problem with brush border inside

I have found a problem when using the brush/border/inside menu selection. When using a transparent color selected to the first color swatch you should be able to trim the object instead it makes a line around of the color selected even if that color is invisible or alpha. Observe.


Please fix as soon as you can as you always do and keep making this program that much more awesome!

Actually it replaces the green pixels by the color used for transparent pixels. That’s actually not a bug. It’s the way how that function works. If you want to shrink the brush then you could use the Shrink function.

Oh so your saying shrink just shrinks a 1 pix border around the object? Maybe that’s what I need?
ignore italics if that is the case

Understood, but shouldn’t their be a alpha border (a hole) around the object because I selected an alpha color (color zero)? Doesn’t the second swatch equal alpha color regardless of the color you select? if Pro Motion NG doesn’t already work like this could you make it so it can? I feel that Pro Motion NG would really benefit from this addition?