Problems with lock image/lock transparency

One of the most powerful functions in Pro Motion NG is lock transparency/Lock image and the way it is in 3d it is powerful. But it is unpredictable and hard to control. The way it works is like this. When you change the delta the image you draw if the image is locked it will draw outside of the image and the image will be displaced on the outside. it looks like this

lock image problems

and the solution is on the bottom

and lock transparency looks like this and the solution as well.

my solution is on the tool and paint settings/transparency lock have a check box that says" 3d overlap" this will allow for the 3d to work the way it does now. When the checkbox is checked it will displace the second way.

Each way has it’s advantages and both are useful but also needed. You might find that you will not see a problem until you displace the delta. You can even have a preset delta and locktransparency/lock image and you may not see a delta change but if you change the delta you may see a change. Please fix any help is greatly appriciated.

also it would be nice if multishade in 3d would work the same way.With the option of turning that off and on like the image lock/image transparancy.

Because the 3d functions are very complex and the user base is very small I don’t think that I will add this. I’m sorry.