Problems with smart copy

this happens quite randomly on all versions of PMNG. I will be working and really getting into my project and suddenly when I draw using smart copy the line will snap back to it’s original delta instead of the delta I specify and it will not let me draw with smart copy. My file where this happens is confidential so I’m sending it to you directly Jan. in hopes that you can get the bug to work for you.definately not a ram problem I had only 3 frames and I had the problem please fix when you can

I’m afraid I need to have some steps to make this happen frequently. I understand that it’s random but I’m quite sure that it’s connected to some special action(s). We need to find them.

Jan@cosmigo I appreciate you help on this matter but recently I did a fresh install of windows and I didn’t have this problem. Thanks for your continued support but I think at least for now we can say that this problem is solved.

Jan@cosmigo I am opening up this discussion again. I think this is a ram problem. The reason is because when I am drawing it usually doesn’t give me a problem right away. It usually waits for a few operations, If there was just some way to reallocate the ram I think I wouldn’t have the problem. After all I didn’t have the problem after a fresh install of windows. If you cannot fix this I understand.

RAM problems would not cause this effect in my opinion. Must be something else :thinking: