Promotion bug resizing

Hi jan i tried to send a mail responding to your request but the your mailing sever blocked me as spam
anyway here is pmotionbug2

Hi @SSoft,

when you change a value without aspect ratio and then activate aspect ratio, the current values define the aspect, not the initial aspect when opening the dialog. So, it works as designed. I will check how this is done with other tools. I have no problem with using the initial aspect ratio, but I wonder what should happen to the values if they are already modified, like you do.


When activating the aspect ratio lock after editing some value then the programs behave differently…
Krita does the way I do.
Gimp does the way I do.
Photoshop (my old CS2) just resets everything to initial values when you activate aspect ratio.
Aseprite uses the current width value and recalculates height (even if you edited height actually).

Here is a poll about what to do when resizing an image with initial aspect ratio off. A value is edited (width, height) and then aspect ratio is enabled again. Currently the aspect ratio is derived from the values in the input fields at the moment when it’s activated.

  • Leave as it is. Always take aspect ratio from the values currently in the input fields.
  • Reset to initial values
  • If width was changed, update height. If height was changed, update width. If both where changed, reset to initial values

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I’m sorry I ment leave as is

Thanks for your time