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Promotion project frames showing up as gif and png


I ran into a strange problem/error. I’ll try to explain it as clearly as I can.

i have an animated project, with the file extension. “.pmp”

i have exported the frames of the animation into a png image with 8 sprites.

Also I have exported the project to a .gif file.

this all worked great.

but now when i open the project.pmp, my first frame is a .gif frame? (Image 1 - top left)

and the other frame are .png frames? (Image 2 - top left)

i want to go back to just having an .pmp project… please help.


Image1 is shown below image2 after uploading…


Hi @Zaitoichi87

no worries. You mean this display:

It just tells you that you that the project would save as those files when using “Save” functions.
It’s just an information. First entry is project file name, then Animation File Name, then Image File Name.

So I think you saved the first frame as an image file type gif. Can this have happened?