Put on every layer of animation (FX layer effect setting)

Often I need guides to go on every frame and it’s a pain to put something on every frame and line it up so the layer does’nt jump when on playback. Here is where this FX setting would come in handy. Just a suggestion. thanks in advance

Unfortunately I did not understand the request. Can you provide a more detailed example?

Ok thanks for considering. When you use an FX setting it effects the whole layer throughout the entire animation. So far you have stroke and believe me that really helps. And you also have display another project. but imagine if you could display the “said” layer throughout the animation. I can see where this could really help you could put a template on a layer add “put on every layer of animation” FX setting and make it disappear as you turn off the layer. it could also be useful for a still background as well.Any help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

I understand that e.g. Stroke should be able to address a couple of combined layers but I don’t understand this to be useful in general.
Can you please describe a specific use case about what you want to do and what you think is not possible to achieve easily?

Thanks again Jan for even considering. First of all this has nothing to do with stroke only" FX settings I’m sorry I led you to believe that. "Often when I draw complicated animations I draw templates often certain parts of the template stay the same. Say I was drawing a giant bug and I only needed to animate the arms and legs. Then I could just invoke this option and it would draw my template on every layer. Without it I would have to draw the unanimated parts of the bug cut them out and advance a frame and stamp them one at a time through the animation if I accidentally stamped the layer down in the wrong position when the animation goes on the bug would jump. wouldn’t it be so much easier to have a tool to stamp down the animation on every frame perfectly for me instead? this would also be useful to draw a non changing background as well.
That is what I am suggesting. I hope it helps, thanks in advance.

So the body of the bug should not move through out a range of frames or even over all animation?
Two approaches:

  1. create a single image layer:
    Its contents is always a single frame only.

  2. pick up the body as a brush. When stamping it down with the single dot tool hold Alt + Ctrl (order is important) and stamp it down. It will be stamped to all available frames from here.

Does this help?

I think this would help thank you.