Question About Creating Color Ramps

Hi! I am new to Pro Motion NG and this is my first post to these forums.

My question is:
Does creating color ramps still function the same in the latest version of Pro Motion NG (, as described in this tutorial video?

I cannot, for the life of me, get this feature to work. I first go into either “Edit RGB Color” or “Edit HSL Color”, then I Left-Click the first color, press R, and then Left-Click the second color. The only thing that happens is the software goes into the “Create Box/Rectangle” Tool but does not ramp the colors. I also did try to go both horizontally and vertically in the palette, but neither works.

I did go into the Keyboard Settings and validated that R is the shortcut for “Ramp RGB” and Shift+R is for “Ramp HSB”… I also tried to map R to the “Quick Ramp” but I just cannot get this function to work, no matter what I try.

Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong, please? Thank you!

Hi @Zeralith,

this sounds like a bug, but I can’t duplicate it so far. This should work exactly as with V7.
What OS are you using?

Are you familiar with “regedit”? It’s a Windows tool to access registry settings. The registry is used to store app settings etc. .
I’d like you to start “regedit” and then export these settings:

Just right click on the “Pro Motion 8” folder and use the export function. Please send the resulting reg-file to


Hi Jan,

I am using Windows 11 Professional Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1344) and I just emailed you my Windows registry export that you requested.

Also, here is a video I took of me attempting to ramp the colors (I forgot I had to use “Embed Windows” in Preferences → Compatibility, for my recording software to caputre the video, so the pop-up windows do not appear in the video… but below is also a screenshot of my settings for the R key, which I also tried to set to “Quick Ramp” as well):

Thank you!

Hi @Zeralith,

well, there are different problems.
By default the shortcut “R” is registered for two operations in the palette window:
Ramp RGB (when being in the (multiple colors) “Edit Tab”
Quick Ramp (when being in either the RGB or HSB Tab)
The bug that is in the current version is that when you hit “R” it identifies the two settings as being a conflict and wants you to choose which of both functions to use. I guess this happened to you and you decided for “Ramp RGB” which was pre-selected.
The bug here is that these shortcuts don’t really conflict because they are used with different Tabs.
→ I just fixed that bug

But the second bug is that when you activate “Embed Windows” in the preference then no keyboard shortcut of the palette window works at all. This is a bug of the dev system I use :roll_eyes:. I did not know of that before and also I probably won’t be able to fix this. Need to dig into that deeper.

To fix it for you, please enter “R” in the keyboard shortcuts for “Quick Ramp”. This will remove it from “Ramp RGB” which is bad and is fixed with the next update. It’s a bug that came in win 8.0.2
Also disable the “Embed Windows” in the preferences.

Then it should work the way you want.