Question about fill tool

I have a question about the flood fill tool: is it possible to have it reference other layers for the area to fill? For example, to have the line work on one layer and easily add the flat colours on another.

I can’t see it as an option but wanted to check in case I’ve missed something.


That means you have an outline shape (or even a flat filled one) on layer 2 and you currently have layer 1 selected. Now you click into the shape and the fill is applied to layer 1 but using the shape on layer 2?

Yes, that sounds like what I’m looking for!

Quick GIF attached showing it in action in other software:

‘Use visible layers’ can be more useful than ‘Use all layers’ though, as it’s a bit more flexible.

Understood. Then this is what I already have on my list. Will come soon, but can’t tell exactly when.

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Oh that’s great news - thanks!

@cjb511 What program are you using to create that gif? Would be very useful for describing issues on this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:



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I also looked for a good tool that records the screen as gif, but did not find one. I used to use CamStudio, save as AVI, post process it using VirtualDub, load it into Pro Motion and stored it as gif. Pretty cumbersome. I think I’ll add some functions to Pro Motion later to at least work better with AVI based imports to turn them into a gif like reducing duplicate frames etc. .
But for now I’d also be interested in a tool that records to optimized gif without wasting time.

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That would be a really interesting feature to add. I’ll be on the look out for a gif recording program as well. Will let you know if I find one.

@Yloon I use ScreenToGif ( - it’s great (and free!).


Thank you. Will check this, If it works for me, I’ll of course donate :slight_smile:

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Yes! It’s one of a few programs that I donated to immediately after trying it, as it’s such a handy tool! I believe the developer also has a Patreon.

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