Questions about transparency when working on an existing image file

When I load a palette and try to remap an animation, one of my colors gets mapped as transparent.

It could be that the palette doesn’t have the color that’s in my animation, if so how do i add the color to the palette or preserve a color in the palette of my animation?

Do you want a color to be transparent at all or would you rather use a fully opaque image?
In either case please double click on the layer and either select a color to be transparent or set it to “opaque”.
Does this help?

That works very well, though my new problem is i can’t draw with the continuous brush

Can you describe this is detail? Maybe a screen shot can help. What happens when you use continuous drawing?

Please have a look at the color selectors at the top left. You still seem to have a transparent color selected it for drawing. I think this goes away if you select another color from the color palette.

I appreciate the help. I would like to erase to make the area alpha. I want to clear the background basically

In that case you need to either define a transparent color or you turn the project into one that uses alpha transparency.

I suggest to make the color that is used in the background to be transparent (the dark gray). This should even work automatically like this:
Double click on the layer and use the “guess” button for the transparent color.

It will show you the color index that is transparent now. You can pick it up from the color palette or from the canvas with the pipette tool or you left or right click on the the checker pattern icon besides the color selectors at the top left.
Or you could select the paint mode “Erase” from the Paint Mode menu.
Generally it’s recommended to primarily select it as the right mouse button color so that you draw with the left button and erase with the right mouse button.

You can also select any other color in the palette, e.g. the very last one. Define it as transparent within the layer and use the fill tool to fill the background with this color.
(I’m saying this because it looks like if the gray color is also used within the body in your art which you don’t want to see transparent I guess)

Also you might want to watch this video concerning transparency:

Works like a charm thanks! I’m not sure why it seemed to lock up before but I guess I wasn’t expecting the alpha color selection to be a part of the layers.

I appreciate you sticking it out with me here to get my problem resolved. This is a great program and I’m excited to learn it.
I also hope other people who may have the same confusion can find this thread. (Though I admit I could have read the documentation better)

That’s what this forum is for :slight_smile:

You can also set up global transparency (instead of layer-wise) with the checker pattern icon in the
layers window (right beside the blend mode).

I’ll tweak the title of this thread to reflect the transparency issue directly.