Quick Gradient feature

In Aseprite you can select multiple colours on the palette and use them immediately for shading without needing to permanently save the gradient.
This is nice for quickly creating and discarding throwaway gradients as necessary without the hassle of launching a gradient editor and later deleting the no longer needed gradient.

A “quick gradient” feature could be used whenever a range of colours are marked in the palette editor, otherwise the regular stored gradient is used.

A nice companion feature would be to allow saving the “quick gradient” to a regular stored gradient.

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Good idea, though not really sure how easy it would be to implement. Maybe add something like that to the palette editor (turning selected colors, in order they were selected in into a temporary gradient) that would be set as current gradient until you change it?

In the palette editor you can select a number of colors and use RMB-functions to add it as a gradient.
So there is no need to go via gradient editor.
Could try to enable the user to prefer selection over managed gradients. This would help to make ANY function that uses gradients to use the current selection as a gradient, not only Shade. If I only do this with Shade the next user says, that this would be cool with gradient fills, the next one color cycling and so on :slight_smile:
As a rough idea: there could be an option in the palette editor that says like “Use Selection as Gradient”. If active (would even make it default) then the current selection is used as a temporary gradient. It also displays in the gradient panel and you can use any gradient based function as if it was a managed gradient.

Yep, that sounds good.

Probably also want to make sure that when the user selects a regular gradient while “Use Selection as Gradient” is enabled the palette selection is cleared so as not to obstruct use of the regular gradient.

Yes, that should be a good thing.