Raw export for Amiga OCS/ECS/AGA

This would be a nice addition, including the export of the palette as source code or into the raw.

Can you add some links to file specs? This would help a lot.

Hello Jan :face_with_monocle:
I began to code for Amiga in Assembly and as you know every asset loaded needs to be in “raw”.
So for me using Pro Motion and then import into my Amiga and do the conversion with some
old skool tool is possible but I wonder if a plugin can be develop.

This is a nice tool to convert iff (also aga) to raw and it has also source code for the copper list:

Hi @digitalvanilla,

well, I’d rather see some file spec so that I don’t have to understand Amiga assembly code.
Just tried to find some, but no luck. Can you find some?
If you are a programmer as well then it would be great if you would support by creating an export plugin for that file format :slight_smile:
Would be much appreciated.


I just began asm and I need to understand the raw format first :sweat_smile: I will ask someone to send me the raw file format, maybe we can do something easier than writing a plugin

Jan, i just post a sub question here instead of opening a new topic:

I did notice that when I export to IFF and then import in my Amiga to convert to raw, if I use Dpaint or a dev tool they tell me that the IFF is in 256 colros even if I used less colors like 16. Is possible to add an option in the IFF exporter to select the maxpalette colors?


ps: this is one extension for Aseprite for IFF, maybe it can help