Reading PMP files in JavaScript?

I’m writing a tool to create new “Living Worlds” pixel art scenes (like Living Worlds - Art by Mark Ferrari) on a webpage, and I’m interested in being able to load files from ProMotion, particularly with color cycling.

I’ve found this:

I know how to open zip files in JavaScript, and the ~pmotion.pmp file is just text, but I need to be able to load the pixels (e.g. ~pmotion.layer-X.pmd), and I haven’t found anything for loading FLC files in JavaScript.

I’ll keep hunting around, but I figured I should post here and see if anyone has already gone down this rabbit hole!

FLC is a fairly simple file format, so it should not be hard to create a decoder in JS. But indeed I doubt that there is a reader, yet.

Cool. It seems this might be a good starting point:

Along with this, of course:

I’m not sure how far down this road I’ll go, but it’s good to know what the next steps are.