Reference window

It’d be nice to have a reference window when using a reference. Preferably the option for multiple windows.

Hi @2hlines,

this is on my list, but since you can display such reference graphics with typical image viewers, it’s not likely that it will be added any time soon.
For example Irfanview (my favorite viewer: ) has an option to let the window stay on top. This should be all you need.


Personally, Pureref is the holy grail when i need a reference window open.

yeah I use that but it’s nice to have refrences at the side and even with messing with the 2 programs window sizes it makes it isn’t the same as having a built in ref window.

Sure, it’s a compromise :slight_smile:
Some more suggestion: you could create a window layout in menu View/Window Layouts that leaves some space for where you place the reference window and you can attach the layout to your project.