Removing selection

Hello there,

When I use the rectengular tools to create a Selection, I have troubles removing the selection. How to do that?


Hi AaronD try pressing the . period key on your keyboard see if this helps.

Hi AaronD,

when you pick up a brush using one of the brush pickup tools, then you can go back to a round/rectangular brush tip if you just click the very first button in the tool box:

This selects the brush tip that is predefined there. Hold the mouse button to open a sub menu of some preset brushes.
You can use the “.” key to just go to a single pixel brush.

Also you may store any brush in the brush container for later use. When you change the brush (mirror, scale, rotate…) then you can go back to the lates brush that you have picked up using “Brush/Restore” (Shift +B).

Hope this helps.

Oh, guess there is a missunderstanding. I try to explain with a screenshot:

When using a selection like this, it helps if you only wanna work in this space. But I dont know how to remove this selection.

When I “remove” it with holdung right click, I cant do anything anymore like painting etc. It’s like the software is telling me “You didnt select anything, therefore you can work anywhere. Please select something”. THe only way to remove it is to restart the program.

Indeed, a misunderstanding :slight_smile:

This type of selection is at the moment called “mask” for historical reasons. This will be renamed to “selection” with the next release, because it’s confusing to people.
But for now let’s talk about it being a mask that protects pixels from being modified while others can be modified.
You have a tool in the tool box:

You can toggle the mask being active here without loosing the actual mask data. This is useful if you want to reuse the mask later.

Then there is the menu “Mask”. There you will find “Select none” and this will clear mask data and disable it, so it’s a full reset.

Hope this helps.

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