• jan@cosmigo.com

Replace color shades


Replace color shades in an image with another range of palette entries using an individual paint mode.


Hello Jan.cosmigo, This color replacer is far more superior to mine which only changes 1 color at a time. say If you could print out the formula in this thread I’m trying what you put and I’m getting unpredictable results.


I tried the formula. It works like a charm!

At this point though, Formula’s in PM are like voodoo magic to me. I can’t make any sense with “a-fg+bg” but it just works.

I wish there were more in depth tutorials how to make formulas.
@Morintari, your color replacer formula is the formula i use the most. I almost can’t live without it. No joke, i use it almost everyday…Probably everyday. :sweat_smile: I just wanna thank you for sharing that formula. :grin:


Hey, that’s nice Cageburner thank you very much!