Restrict number of colors in palette


Is there a way to restrict the number of colors in the palette? I use Pro Motion to make C64-graphics, and therefore I only need 16 colors available. Is it possible to remove the remaining 240 black color-slots, so its easier to scroll through the palette with ctrl+mouseheel?


Hi @Pindarm

not possible, but I will add a new mouse wheel mode “Cycle Gradient Colors” which will do what you need. You can then have all C64 colors in a gradient (even ordered by your choice) and can cycle through them.
Would this help?


Yeah, that sounds like a nice workaround. Looking forward to test it.
Thank you, Jan.


Ah, so I would actually love to have the ability to control the number of visible color slots in the palette window. For those artists using a very limited palette, there is an awful lot of wasted space. I myself do a lot of work in the original Amiga ECS/OCS palette, which generally is just 32 color slots (excluding EHB mode). That’s 224 empty color slots taking up screen space. As I work on a laptop, every bit of screen space counts.

Would it be possible to add this as a feature request Jan?

I have some tweaks for the palette window on my list concerning color slot arrangements, but I can’t give any ETA of that.

That’s great Jan. The 256 swatch palette is really great even for much more colour limited projects during the earlier stages of production when one might still be experimenting a lot with colours and/or moving swatches around to organise them in nice ranges.
But once the palette is chosen and “locked down”, it would definitely be nice to be able to hide/minimise the unused slots to free up some screen real estate.
Thank you for adding it to your to-do list. :beers:

dealing in only 2 distinct layers of colors I could use this option also so thank you DutchDimension and Jan.cosmigo for mentioning it.