RIGHT-CTRL+Click in drawing mode shows pipette but does not actually pick a color

Hi, I have been working a couple of days on a test art and I’m experiencing a funny behaviour with the pipette: when I hold the right CTRL key the pipette shows as the mouse cursor but I’m not actually able to pick a color from the image I’m working on. The selected color box does not show any change.
If I do the same with the left CTRL key then it works as expected.
Manualy selecting the pipette tool or usig the “,” hotkey to do so presents no such issue.

Using PM on a desktop Win7 PC through Wacom Bamboo tablet w/ latest drivers. Single Animation layer project, 5 frames, 64x64 pixels, no more than 16 colors on layer. Happens regardless of whether light table mode is enabled or not.


it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :laughing:
The right Ctrl key picks up alpha opacity in alpha enabled projects. This was previously done when using
“Alt Gr” key until I noticed that not every keyboard has this key :roll_eyes:


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I didn’t know this. That’s awesome! It will save me quite some time in the future. Thanks! :slight_smile: