Rotation drawing?


Sometimes when I draw smear effect like this

(Grabtool+ curve tool)

It would be nice to be able to draw something while rotating it.

Is there a function that allows you to draw while rotating based on a anchor point?

Hello tidog welcome to the forum. There is a way to get a similar effect but it will cost you… Time, it will take time but the effect will be worth it trust me!

  1. Let’s take this sword for example

It’s plain and vanilla nothing special about it. but we can make it sing… Watch.

2.first it’s important that you have a new file that’s at least 32 frames more if you want it smoother but 32 will give it a nice front edge that you can’t get otherwise.

3.Now we are going to go to Animation/create 3d animation and these are the values you are going to put in. Also it is good to know do not stamp your brush down at all. It will only make a mess for you later on.

4.Now press the render button and let it do it’s magic.

5.Next go to brush/amnibrush/grab frame selection

6.Now click the brush down one at a time and let it advance as it rotates.

.When you are done it should give you the effect you were looking for.

now go back to step 3.

But we’re not done are we let’s not do this half way at all. Let’s change the values to

4-7and do the process over and see where it gets us.


Hey that’s nice but we can do better still
8.create a gradient exactly 1 color per frame. The easiest way to do this is that the fact that each row is 16 colors exactly so have the first color in the first row toward the very left and then change the last color toward the right to a color from being just black.


9.First select the 2 colors that you just created as shown. It is important that you select all of the colors in between even though they are all black. Then select the color palate tab and select the last icon to the right. This should create a gradient for you.

10.Finnally select mode/color cycle

now go back to step 6.
and draw your amnibrush as before but
now it’s going to be quite a bit more dramatic!..See

nice swoosh


thank you for your kindness! It was a complicated process, but an interesting result was obtained. But I still think it would be nice if it could be run easily.

Hey Tidog thank you for your kind words it makes it all worth it. Also I’m just trying to see now if I can figure out how to load a series of images as a layer :wink:

Thank you so much Morintari!
Most companies use Aseprite, but I wanted to switch between the two tools because I work much faster on Promotion ng
There is a way to copy frames for each gif, but it would be helpful if there was an easier way.

have a nice day!:grinning: