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Rotation inbetween 45%


is there a way to rotate an image …lets say 37 degrees?




I don’t know if there is a way to specifically tell the program to rotate a specific numerical degree to the right/left relative from it’s top/bottom.

But, there is a way to rotate it freely according to your needs.

Top left of the window, menu options, go to:

  • Brush > Rotate > Free / “Shift + Ctrl + Z”
  • Drag the mouse up/down/left/right for the angle you’re looking for.


I think this question should be in “Questions and problems” topic. :wink:


Wow im sorry…it was right there… (there is no default shortcut for this on my end)

Why is the pivot for free transform so far away from the brush? is this something i can control?


It seems like the pivot is in an expected place at first but then if i rotate a bunch… the pivot is still on the original area i grabbed the brush from (b key)


Yes, this is a lack of functionality. With 7.3 a whole new rotation, brush and selection distortion tool set will come looking like this:

There you can also define the rotation center which will initially be the current brush grip position etc. .