• jan@cosmigo.com

Save everything in the brush container as a sprite/atlas sheet

Save everything in the container as a sprite/atlas sheet and/or as separate images.

I think the brush container is the perfect place to export a collection of sprites. Every brush has the perfect dimensions for each sprite if set meticulously.

Lately, I’ve tried this gig of selling sprites in an asset store. Since I want to cater to a range of developers, I want to provide a whole sheet and individual images at the same time. I’ve noticed in the comment section of store pages that developers are looking for one or the other. So opting to put both.

The current method of doing this in PMNG from what I know is by utilizing the feature “Create from Brush”.

If making an Atlas/sprite sheet:

  1. Line up all sprites in a grid.
  2. Make a brush containing all of them.
  3. File > New Project > “Create from Brush”
  4. File > Save Image as
  5. Close newly created project tab.

If making an individual sprite image:

  1. Make a brush containing the sprite.
  2. File > New Project > “Create from Brush”
  3. File > Save Image as
  4. Close newly created project tab.

Sounds straightforward enough on paper. But I made 550+ individual sprite image files like this, 1 atlas, and around 40 sprite sheets for this one pack I’m selling.

I mean, the current workflow just works perfectly. But yeah, a little bit tasky, kind of mind numbing.

If I’m doing this inefficiently and there is actually an easier way of doing this, I’m all ears (/eyes??). :smiley:

Idk if “Useful for selling sprite set gigs on asset stores.” presents a strong use case to set off materializing this feature request, but IMO, it appears to solve a macro problem.