Hi Jan,

When I save an .iff image in 32 colors, the image does not have 32 colors exactly because 3 colors are added at the end of the palette.

Screenshot panel Grafx2 to show palette error!

So I have to load the image in Grafx2, remove the 3 colors that are at the end of the palette to really have 32 colors and not have a palette error on AMIGA.

Would it be possible to add in the Export setting panel, a text field to fill in the exact number of colors of the palette in the .iff file?
Export setting panel 32colors

This will make it possible to have an image saved in 32 colors with a palette of 32 colors for example… :wink:

Hi @Yoz_Montana,

that’s weird and has never reported before. I just tried myself and got a single extra grey value as last palette entry. Do you have another tool that loads IFF to check? When I load the IFF in PM again, there is no extra entry, so I assume that’s a Grax2 bug.


Hi Jan,

In fact, this problem is since I use MP (2019).
So to solve the problem, I use Grafx2 to remove the excess colors from the MP file in order to have the corresponding 32-color palette.
Then on AMIGA, no more colors and palette problems.

On AMIGA Deluxe Paint IV recognizes the file with a palette of 256. The order of the colors is respected.
If I load the file in 32 colors, the palette is messy.

IrfanView 64 display this information: The loaded image is in 32 colors

On AMIGA RedPill display this information: The loaded image is in 32 colors

Each software used, Grafx2 (PC), irfanview 64 (PC), Deluxe Paint IV (AMIGA) and REdPill (AMIGA) recognize the file in 256 colors instead of 32 colors.

As you said, i think it’s the extra gray value as the last palette entry you got during your test that’s the problem.

Yoz Montana

Hi @Yoz_Montana ,

actually the image is currently always saved with 256 color, even if you only use 32.
It stores the full 256 color palette and also uses 8bit per pixel. The progams you mention can detect how many colors are actually used, but that’s a different thing. Still, Grafx2 seems to modify some of the colors which I still see to be a bug.
But what you actually want (obviously) is that the IFF file is stored as 32 color file. This is a request that I have on my list for some time now. Think I need to finally program that :slight_smile:


Hi Jan,

Thank you, if you can fix this bug. You ROCK :stuck_out_tongue: