Save Image Default

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but if I create a new project file and save an image from it, it would be nice if I could set the path to which Save As defaults.

In my use case I do this a lot, and have to navigate to the correct path, and type in the file name. However I always want the file name to be the same as the project file, and in the same folder (or same relative folder).

Perhaps some override for the default file location when saving? Or am I being too picky? :slight_smile:

Currently the “Save as” functions default to the last path you used for the corresponding asset type (image, animation…). This setting is stored globally, so when you save an image in project A and then save one in project B, then it would default to the one you used before with project A.
Generally I’d improve it that way that:

  1. if you did not save an image within a project, then
    a) if you saved the project file before, it will default to this path.
    b) it will default to the path you used lately when storing an image file (just as it is today)
  2. if you saved an image of the current project and use “save as”, then the path of the image is used as target folder as default.

This way we have a connection to the project file path (if defined), a previously used image path or a global default just being the last path of the type of asset that was stored (=how it works today).

Would all this make sense?



I think it makes sense, yes.

Or a button somewhere to set the image export path. “Set export file / path to project file”

Or perhaps some global setting to specify the default export path / name in relation to the project file. eg: “ExportedImages/%ProjectFileName%” or “…\Export%ProjectFileName%_Exported”.

I do wonder how other people handle this with their projects. The last thing I want to do is suggest something specific to my usage :slight_smile:

The global setting with the place holders is of cause also a good thing. Will think about it :wink: