Save/Load window file/folder navigation & selection revamp

Hi Jan,

I was wondering if we could change Save/Load window file/folder selection from
Screenshot 1

into something like this:
Screenshot 2

The reason being that I just don’t store project/work files/folders in my C: drive.
So with the current implementation, whether it’s saving/loading animations, brushes, images, etc.I always have to navigate through my tree of folders before i could get to the folder i want to save to or load from.

The power/convenience the user has from Screenshot 2 lies in the address bar encircled in the following image:
With the address bar, the user could navigate it’s folders either by typing the directory it wishes to go to, or by clicking through the breadcrumbs.

The tree style navigation found at the left side of the 2nd and 3rd screenshot would provide another option of navigation as well. Though tbh, i don’t usually use it.

If the proposal above is too taxing to implement, one workaround solution i guess is for PMNG to remember the directory where the user last saved/loaded the associated files. This is already (what seems to be) implemented with saving/loading project files (.pmp).

Here’s to hoping this is easily provided by windows API. :sweat_smile: