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Save Project does not work on a secondary monitor


“Save Project” and “Save Project as…” open modular windows in Windows 10.

On a primary monitor they work great.

However, if Pro Motion NG is on a secondary monitor (in my case, Wacom 24 Pro), the window pops up somewhere where you can’t see on the screen. As a result, the program soft-locks, pinging whenever you try to click on anything.


  1. Make your working monitor primary.
  2. When the program soft-locks, Alt-F4 to kill the invisible modular window, then drag your program to the primary monitor and save there.

This problem happens whether you use File menu or the shortcut (Ctrl-S).

Happy fixing!


Can’t duplicate, but on my system the “Save as…” dialog pops up on the primary monitor, which is also not desired. Seems to be a problem in the UI system I use. So far I did not find a workaround.


This is still a problem.

Somehow, it got even worse on my machine, now I can’t “Save as…” on primary or secondary monitor. Please fix as soon as possible, this is now an absolute blocker bug.

Windows 10. Two monitors. Can’t see “Save as…” dialog for anything. It’s nowhere to be seen.

The desired behavior for it is to pop up in the center of the monitor where the window is. Or the center of the window, perhaps, if it is stretched over several monitors?

Please let me know if you know of a workaround. I love your software and I want to use it, but I can’t. :frowning:


I tried to reinstall the program.

Now I can’t even use “Load Project”. Since it opens another modal window, it appears I don’t know where and now it’s sadness all the way down.


Okay I have figured it… or at least enough of a workaround to resume working.

I have two monitors. Although they are physically similar in size, resolution on my newer monitor is nearly three times as high. I usually keep this new monitor off, and it is not my primary monitor. Half the time, I have the newer monitor in a vertical position.

However, I need to make it my primary monitor when I work in Pro Motion NG because the modal windows keep popping up where I can’t reach them with the stylus.

If I keep moving my program window between the two monitors (say I needed to save/export a file really quick without any serious alterations), I may end up in a situation where the modal window pops up on the primary (low resolution) monitor with the offset from the secondary monitor (high resolution) so I cannot see the window, and I cannot access it even from Shift-right click -> Move with arrow keys panel, because of reasons you’d be more familiar with than I. This can lead to a severely broken state.

I was able to get out of it by dragging window back and forth and rearranging windows and swapping monitors until I got the modal window to display on the big screen. But, you know, a couple panic attacks later as my frantic posts have illustrated.

I think the whole bucket of pain would be avoided if the modal windows always popped up on the same screen as the program, regardless of which monitor is the primary.

I’ve also noticed that the certain container windows (brush container, view, tool and paint settings) resize themselves according to the resolution of the primary monitor, not the monitor the program is on currently, even if you try ‘Options -> Windows -> Rearrange windows’ to bring them back in line.

Phew. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the explanations. But before I start further analyzing please check the latest beta: https://www.cosmigo.com/pixel_animation_software/downloads/beta-version
Does it still happen with this version?


Yes, it does.

I’ve tested it in beta version, same exact thing is happening.