Saving IFF with depth less than 8

I’m trying to port a Flash game to Amiga. Picture files are 640x480 256 colors.
I’m using Photoshop for resizing and lowering the colors count, as the result is much better than with ProMotion.
I’m trying to convert the resullting PNG files to IFF files.
I already reduced colors to 32, 16 or 8, and I checked it with ProMotion, but whatever color reduction or constraint I apply, the exported IFF has a depth of 8 bits, thus including a 256 colors palette. Hopefully, the BODY chunk only contains the required bitplanes
Am I doing it wrong or is IFF export limited to 8 bits depth ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Hi @Pepito ,

unfortunately the IFF export only saves 256 color images at the moment. Wanted to create a plugin for exporting any color depth but did not find the time. If you know of a programmer that could do, then this would be a welcome addition.


Hi Jan,
Well, I know how to reduce the colormap of the file, so maybe I can have a look at the current plugin. But I clearly don’t have the time to develop one from scratch for now.