• jan@cosmigo.com

Search/Pick invisible layers as well

Pretty minor request.

Sometimes, i have so many layers i have trouble finding them even if the layers are named.
It’s easy to select a layer that is visible with the ‘Pick layer’ shortcut.

But i wish to have the same functionality but for invisible layers instead.
Better yet, a fuzzy search and select layer function for both visible and invisible layers.
Since it’s easy to remember the layer name, but not where we put it.

Sample ss:
^ I know this isn’t even a lot for some people. But at this point for me, it starts to become tedious looking for that one layer i had to open up to edit.

One workaround of course is to upsize the window. But for small screens like mine, this would not be practical.

Yeah this is a sucky issue to have for sure.

#1 though, honestly, get a bigger monitor man. If it’s at all possible. It’s worth it.
Go for something with a native 1440p resolution. Consider how much time you spend fiddling with user interfaces. Here’s what I see in PMNG.
You won’t regret it. (make sure to have a second mon too)

Larger mon won’t really help you determine which layer you put that certain thing on, though.
A layer filter search function, like Photoshop’s, seems like a pretty heavy feature for a program like PMNG. I use it in Photoshop since my PSDs might have 100’s of layers. Not so much in PMNG, but everyone works differently.

I do occasionally have your same problem and what I do is click a layer and hit “0” to solo it and see if it’s what I’m looking for. If not, I press 0 again to un-solo it and keep looking.
I’ve mapped 0 to solo layer.

Hah! What a useful feature!Didnt know it was in PMNG :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll get a bigger monitor as soon as i’ll get a break. I actually have 2 1080p monitors right now. But you know how it is, this isn’t enough. So i’m getting a 3rd.

Imma try out your workaround trick. Thanks, Mathias!