Select add, select subtract

Hi Jan.cosmigo. Most programs like corel Painter and Photoshop, have the ability to add more than one selection (or subtract parts of a selection) if Pro Motion can do this I do not know about it. Please implement it soon.

Hi @Morintari,

this is there with V8 (beta). Please check the selection tools there and their extra key options.


thank you Jan.cosmigo!

I’m sorry Jan.cosmigo I couldn’t find it what are the keywords in the keyboard shortcuts menu? any help is greatly appriciated. thanks in advance

For every tool always have a look at the bottom. There you will always find information about usage of extra keys etc… For selection tools you find:

thanks for the clarification Jan.cosmigo!

Hi Jan.cosmigo what I have found is yes you can press ctrl to subtract from a selection however pressing shift doesn’t add to it like it should. Am I doing something wrong. I have a thereory about what may be happening. When you hold down shift you constrain what you are moving. this might be why it’s only making a line where it should be adding to the selection. Please test and fix any help is greatly appriciated.

After pressing and holding down shift then the LMB to add another selection, you can release the shift button while still holding down the LMB to modify your selection.

This way, in case you’re using the rectangular and elliptical selection tools, selections won’t be - “just a line of pixel” anymore but a proper shape instead.

You can also re-press-and-hold the shift button again to constrain your selection to a perfectly evenly sided shape with the aforementioned tools.

thanks for bothering to give me that clarification Cageburner I really apriciate it!

I have found that multiple selections do not work with the scroll command. please fix that would be especially useful in 3d. Any and all help is greatly appreciated thank you. and thanks in advance.oh and please let me know if this is the wrong place to list this.