• jan@cosmigo.com

Selection area disappears if zoom level <100%


If you zoom out beyond 100% zoom level, your current selection area stops being displayed. It looks like you lost your selection. But zoom back in and it’s still there.

This becomes a little awkward when you have a large file you’re working on and are trying to make a big selective change, such as here where I want to select all the columns in the background, cut them, and place them on a new layer -

^ If I zoom out one more time so I can see the stuff at the top, my selection goes away. Sure, in this case I can just do it in multiple passes and not zoom out so much.

Fortunately, the zoom grid will always display at all zoom levels.
Can the current selection area also display no matter what? Yes it’ll be inaccurate but you’ll still be able to see it at least. (I don’t think it should be anti-aliased.)


Fixed with 7.3. With previous versions I had problems with rendering in resolution below 1:1 and so I made it invisible. I later forgot to do the extra efforts to fix that. With 7.3 the rendering has been refined and this is working now.