Selections need to work on brush tools too

Jan.cosmigo I love the new selection tools however I find them lacking in the brush tools. I have found that the selections only work for the layers. It would be great if they could work for the brush tools too(ie border,mirror,ect)
any help is greatly appreciated.

I did a double take and tested both tools… As a result, i got even more confused. :sweat_smile:

Uhh, don’t you mean the other way around? Currently, we could do border, mirror, etc. with the brush tool. But none of that with the new selection tool.

Yeah thanks Cage, that’s probably what I ment.

You can do border stuff with menu Selection/Modify…
But indeed you can not mirror or rotate (without also affecting the pixels).
Put on my list.

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True you can do border but im talking about border around selected graphics not selections.

Use the selection to create the border and then fill the selection with the color or pixels you want. It’s not a one stop function, but gives you more flexibility.

Oh I see use the magic wand? is this what your talking about? But if your character is several differant colors you have to select them all don’t you? I love the select brush cut out your graphic and press O for border I just wish it was that easy for selections. You see when I’m drawing I need borders around my graphics but I have to put them back in the same place or they look out of place when viewing in 3d. It would help me so much if I could just draw a selection around the graphic and press O for border. Please just consider it any help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

Yes, you need to select the item on the canvas to add a border. You could do this with the magic wand selection tool or you use menu Selection/Select non-transparent Pixels. Then use menu Selection/Modify/Outside Border.
Now the border is selected and you can fill, e.g. by drawing a filled rectangle. But yes, that’s a bit more of foot work.
Another thing would be to use the layer effect “Stroke” which does this in realtime.