Set default layout not working


  1. Arrange a layout
  2. Save it.
  3. View > Window Layouts > select & click the layout we just saved
  4. View > Window Layouts > Set Default Layout
  5. Screen will flicker and show a different layout from what we just did.

set default layout not working

I forgot to include it in the demo, but here’s a screenshot of the unexpected result when we do a View > Window Layouts > Default after setting the new default layout.

Selecting the default layout:

Unexpected result

  • brush container window translated from lower left to occupying half of the supposed canvas window space in the center
  • layer window is still on the upper left
  • color palette window is still on the lower right


Hey, Jan!

Thanks for the email with an attachment containing a patch addressing this issue. So, here’s the result of my tests.

To establish a base, we have 4 saved layouts. Namely, Default, Alternative, whole monitor canvas, and Layers on right.
I have no idea if this actually affects it, but if it does, this is what the preferences look like at the time of this testing:

This is what i want the layout to look like as my default:

This is the saved layout: “Layers on right”:

When we do a View > Window Layouts > Set Default Layout while "Layers on right is our currently selected/enabled layout:

It changes the layout to the saved layout: “Alternative

When we do a fresh open of PMNG, this is what we’re greeted with:

This is the saved layout: “Default”.
Honestly, idk how this came about. There was just one day where suddenly, Default layout looks like this. This is why i started creating other window layout profiles in the first place.

Creating a new project:

This particular layout is not in any saved layout profiles.

I wanted to test some more by saving more window layout profiles and jumbling the steps of my process. But i realized there was no way to delete/remove profiles. So i opted to be more conservative with my testing.

In conclusion, the patch fixed the issue where the layer window suddenly vanishes (ref. 1st gif posted in this topic). But the issue of Set default layout not working has yet to be squashed.

Hope this helps,

I’m currently working on all this. Indeed there seem to be some strange effects with the layout system but they don’t seem to appear on my system.

I understand that “Set default Layout” and the layout that is called “Default” is confusing. I will think about how to improve that to make it more clear. Some words about this.

Set Default Layout
I guess this needs to be renamed because since there is layout management with also having a “Default” as layout, it’s ambiguous.
It just places all Windows the way it’s the fixed application standard. Windows that have been switched off, are made visible again.
When you use the software the first time, the windows will have this placement and it’s stored to the “Default” layout as well.
That means, selecting the “Default” entry will return to it.

Maybe I should add a popup when using this function that tells what it does and asks the user if he really wants to. This way the explanation would be more explicit.

Layout that is called “Default”
The “Default” layout (first one in the list of layouts) is used for what the name says. It’s used after start up.
If it’s activated then you can move the windows to your satisfaction, close the software, start it again and the windows will be the way as you placed them, because when “Default” is active then any change of the window positions is auto saved.
This is because people are maybe not aware of the layout management or don’t want to add other layouts. They just have one preferred positioning and If they move the Windows, leave the program and then start it again, they expect the windows to be placed the way they did in the last session.
This should be intuitive and is what it did before I added the new way of adding custom layouts.