Window settings reset between project tabs

This might be related to this window layout issue.

I noticed that while switching between tabs of projects, the canvas zoom level get reset.

  1. Open a project
  2. Change zoom level
  3. Change unto another project tab
  4. Chagne zoom level
  5. Go to previous project
  6. Notice how the zoom level is reset.
  7. Go to that other project, the zoom level is reset as well.

But then, i also noticed that the window layout gets reset.
Reproduce: Do the same reproduce steps as above. But this time, change the window layout instead.

resetting layout and zoom level issue


Could not duplicate the zoom reset, but there have been a couple of glitches when switching layouts. Will send you a patch for checking. Hopefully everything is gone.

@cageburner: Patch sent to you. Please check :slight_smile: