Setting N total Dots to 1 with a line tool crashes PMNG (fixed as of v8.0.5)


  1. Select line tool
  2. In Tool & Paint Settings window, select N total Dots and set it to 1.
  3. Draw on the canvas.
  • If it doesn’t crash, N total Dots was somehow set to 2 instead.

Applicable whether it’s a new, blank project, or an old one.
Have not tried it with other tools yet.

PMNG v8.0.4.0

Tried sending an email using PMNGs’ native crash reporter. But Thunderbirds’ somehow stalling on me after pressing ‘send mail’ -_-
Makes me wonder if there are other, effective ways on reporting crashes natively from PMNG.

Thanks for the report. You can use a “Save” function in the crash report dialog to save it separately and send it around.

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Fixed with upcoming 8.0.5

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