Severe lags while working on larger projects

I’m trying hard to switch from 6.5 into NG and I’m ALMOST used to NG now, however one thing is really annoying.

It’s the way that one can “zoom out of scope”.

In the lags-like-crazy.png the software is lagging to the point of me being unable to use it at all. It’s one of the projects that I used to normally work with in 6.5 and it ran smooth like a butter. The only thing that makes the project lag is that feature of zooming out that’s totally useless to me and it completely breaks my workflow. Now, I’m resorted to working on small chunks at a time and it’s quite annoying. Is there a way to disable the zoom-out feature and return to normal display like in 6.5?

If needed, I can record a video, but it’s quite inconvinient for me, so I’d only do it if it’s required to illustrate the problem further.

Hi, can’t help but think one of 3 possibilities that’s making this happen for you.

  1. PCs hardware specs can’t take it.
  2. Something else in the bg is eating up your RAM.
  3. There really is some change in PMNGs code that’s making this zoom level not work for your setup.

To test this, i had a 4096 x 4096 canvas and made a terrible freehand sketch while watching this weekend’s f1 qualifying while the video is on picture-in-picture mode :joy:.

I was working with this while fully zoomed out. I didn’t exp any bogging down or lag the whole time. Notably, this only has 1 layer and 1 color in it.
After getting this result in the test, i’m thinking there might be a -

4th possibility: There’s a parameter in your project file that’s eating up the RAM and only shows its effects when you’re fully zoomed out.

My immediate suggestion is to email Jan the project file with your case to investigate and pin point the bottleneck.

Here’s to hoping you guys find it! :smiley:

Thanks for trying to help.

However, here’s my specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core 3.80 GHz
32 GB of RAM
nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8GB GDDR6

I typically work with much bigger print-size stuff in Photoshop or Affinity and it works fine. ProMotion is the only one at fault here. I can’t share files, since they’re containing undisclosed artwork I’m doing for my clients.

The only one idea I get from your post is that it might be due to original file being created in 6.5 - I’ll try to create a new one and import stuff, maybe it will help.

Photoshop is software specially designed to work with large raster files. It has a special mode for working with files over 2 GB by saving the file in .psb format.

It looks a bit weird. Overall, a very strangely designed project for pixel art.
Would you be able to provide technical data. Image resolution, number of layers? Are you using a grid or do you have tiles and sync enabled? Are you useing animated frames for project? How big is project file (disk size)?

Well… yeah? Both are made for industry-grade graphic design, I don’t know why you try to differentiate between Photoshop and Pro Motion.

Since when large sprite-sheets are weird? Projects are around 5MB, right now I’m making a big tileset and my work space is 5120x5120 and it lags. 6.5 didn’t lag.

As I wrote, Photoshop and Pro Motion NG are two completely different tools. Different principle of operation, different purpose.

I didn’t write “weird”, I wrote “strange”. Pixel Art is usually an art where great importance is attached to individual pixels. With such a high resolution and no preview selection, working with a project in PMNG above 1280x1280 pixels seems to me a difficult and tiring task.

I understand that you tried to upload the same project to version 6.5 and there was no lag then? A 5 mb pixel art project is a large project. 5k resolution is very high resolution for usual pixelart project.

I work as a lead artist for an oldschool rpg game and have over 10 years under my belt. For the last 9 years I was using 6.5 and had no issues with it besides lack of dark mode. Now I’m forced to transition to NG, because 6.5 is unstable on Windows 11 (crashes). All my projects are something that I worked for years on 6.5 without issues.

Great! :wink: :+1: Im Koyot1222 Masters of Pixelart Nice to meet you.

Yes, Windows 11 is a serious problem not only for Pro Motion NG. Therefore, on the new workstation, I rejected the installation of Windows 11 to install Windows 10 without the possibility of updating to 11.
I see that I have irritated you with my questions.
Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do to help. I don’t know what version of PMNG you are using and how the final project file is structured. Newer versions of PMNG save projects differently and have different memory management parameters.

  • There is project optimization option.
  • In the Beta version there is an option to check the integrity of the project, which came in handy several times.
  • If you ever need it, there is an option to switch back from a tiles project to a normal project and split the project again. (It helped me a few times too.)

Best regards and have a nice day

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Well, I appreciate the will to help. I didn’t want to sound asshole-ish, but the problem is bugging me, since it’s an inconvinience for my workflow. Unfortunately, setting up new project with same parameters and importing the graphics as PNG isn’t doing much. I’m using the lastest version from the main website. Curiously, there’s even a bug there where I still get the [ ! ] sign to buy the full version despite having license active. I’ll try the optimization tool, thanks! I kinda wish you have started with that, haha! I’ll probably have to dial down from big canvases into smaller, compartmentalized files. At least NG has new features that make it actually good.

Fajne masz czołgi kolego. Widzę, że Polska pixelem stoi. ^^

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Hi @scorpVisual ,

can you maybe send the project file to me (