Shortcut issues

  • There are some icons shown in the UI that doesn’t appear to be map-able with a keyboard shortcut.
    – Bug/Oversight or by design?

  • I wish we could map multiple keys to one action e.g. Alt+F+E, Alt+F+O+A
    – So remembering all those shortcuts will be more manageable.

  • Default, Session, named.scc profiles maybe? (Most minor, unnecessary request)
    – I was heavily editing my named.scc file one time until i screwed up somewhere. I thought it would’ve been an ez undo of my screw up if there was something like a “session profile” of sorts

  • I wish we have something like a sort of a catch-all command. e.g. Ctrl+Shift+P in Sublime Text
    – For those who are unfamiliar with my example, after entering the shortcut key, you can type any sort of action/command you want, then, you’ll get a couple of suggested commands you’re trying to execute. Once you confirm what you want to do, you’ll get exactly what you wanted the software to do.
    – Ctrl+Shift+P is pretty much seen in most modern text editors today. I wonder if we could have a similar one in PM too? So i won’t have to wrestle too much with my brain about that keyboard shortcut i set a year ago that i ended up barely using.
    – It sort of works as a documentation tool and a feature discovery tool too. (As far as my experience goes with catch-all-commands it at least)

Can you list the functions that can not be mapped to a shortcut, those that you miss?

Believe me or not, but this exactly what I was thinking about lately, because lots of fixed combinations are too much finger sports with a single hand. I can remember text editor software under MS DOS where you entered Ctrl + k and then hit “k” to start a block selection or “b” to define the end of the block. I found this to be quite good.
Do you know of any today’s application that still does this? Would like to see how the handle this e.g. in preferences where you should be able to modify them.

scc profile? I don’t understand the request :thinking: What are you setting up?

catch-all commands… will check this in Sublime Text. Does not sound hard to include. To be honest since I don’t use PM myself much I sometimes have to search the shortcuts to see how it was supposed to work :wink:

  • So far, I’ve only found 2 sets that are unmappable (encircled with a red marker):


  • Off the top of my head, i think most text editors / IDE do this. To cite some:

  1. Vim
  2. Emacs
  3. Netbeans - made in Java though
  4. SublimeText

– But i think the app that’s closest to how i picture mapping multiple keys to be is Vim. With the added bonus that some parts of PM behaves like Vim where both has their “mode” state functionality. On that note, I wish there were more parts of PM where we are in a mode state. But i guess balancing between setting the user to access multiple tools and restricting them to a set of tools available within a mode at the same time is hard to pull off.

  • Forget about the .scc profile sessions request. It’s a set once and forget part of using PM anyway. It’s not even part of a workflow.

Hurray for considering a catch-all command!

Thanks for all the information.
The next maintenance update (planned for Nov 17th, if everything goes well) now has the layer functions you mentioned in the Layers menu so that you can assign shortcuts. I did not pre-define them yet because I plan to refine some shortcuts with the first 2020 release inlcuding (maybe multi key shortcuts, but no promise!).
I also added a task to my list to make all buttons in the color palette dialog being accessible by shortcuts but I can’t say when this will be done.

P.S.: Light table settings can already be addressed with Ctrl + Alt + L (=Alt Gr + L)

Thanks for all the updates Jan.
Really love your work. :smile: