• jan@cosmigo.com

🎨 Shortcuts while editing palette


When sorting colors in the Color Palette panel I find myself needing to swap between “Copy Colors and blacken source” and “Copy Colors” frequently. These two functions are extremely useful.

If we could hold down a modifier key to call either function temporarily I think it may pleasantly smooth out and speed up the process of sorting/organizing colors.

Control is already in use for color picker, so my suggestion is control+alt for “Copy Colors and blacken source” and alt for “Copy Colors”.

Button states dont need to change while holding the modifiers keys but it would be a plus I guess.


Would it also be a help if I added toggle shortcuts for the modes?
The problem is that I will add some more selection options to the keys like Shift and Ctrl + Shift. This does not interfere with Ctrl+Alt and Alt but it might be weird if half of the combinations is used for selecting colors and the other half to apply movement modes.
Also we could not cover all four modes with those modifier keys.


I think so, yeah.

If we can quickly hit keyboard keys to change modes on the fly while smoothly moving or copying colors around in the palette, that accomplishes the suggestion put forward here.


Added with maintenance release 7.2.7