Shrinking screen using 3d functions(SOLVED)

I have found some strange behaviors in using the latest version of ProMotionNG first when you press any of the keyboard shortcuts for evoking the 3d functions smart copy, clone ect the drawing screen shrinks to a tiny size

And after that when you get out of the program it does this Here is something that I found out In the second image it shows a shrunken box well it turns out that box is the home screen. Somehow it is shrinking the home screen and when you get out of it and upload the previous patch it has a behavior like a virus it still does the same problem as before. Please fix this as soon as possible it keeps me from using the beta.

Could not duplicate. Which key combination did you use?

Ctrl+ alt+ h that’s the one I used. I hope Jan@cosmigo that you can duplicate the problem so you can fix it when you get the time.

Ok here are the exact steps to make the bug happen.
1.install the latest patch
2.go to create new project.
3.create a project with 1 frame and dimensions of 640x480
4.confirm your choice to create the new document. (ctrl+alt+h)

now the canvas will shrink to a rediculously small size.

  1. exit out of the program
    7.repeat steps 2-4

now when you start the canvas is rediculously small.

I hope this helps Jan@cosmigo. If you can please fix this soon I know you are very busy and that is understood. However V8 has alot of nice features that I like but because of this problem I can’t use it.

I had similar issues with the canvas shrinking when using shortcuts. I found setting Preferences->Compatibility->DPI Scaling to Hi Res Mode from ‘Bilinear Upscaling’ resolved it.

Null you are a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you so much for figuring this problem out! Sure enough your soloution worked like a charm. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

Weird, I tried this with all the DPI scaling settings and did not have that problem. It would be a clear misbehavior that needs to be fixed. But as long as I can’t make it happen here, I’m afraid that I don’t have a chance :frowning: