Simple math in input boxes

I wish we could do simple math in input boxes that accepts numbers as shown below.

I use this kind of functionality in other programs a lot. Programs like Figma and Godot. So i figured, why not my favorite pixel art program as well? A little QoL.

I like the idea. Also, it would be supercool if you could use variables like $w and $h to refer to the width and height (e.g. $w + 32 instead of 256 + 32). This would allow to easily create canvases with specific ratios (e.g. Golden Mean, rule of thirds, etc.).

This feature would require adding a formulas parsing engine, so it’s probably quite some work on Jan’s side.

PS: @cageburner, if you want Jan to see your proposal, to be on the safe side always mention him by including @jan.cosmigo in your post, so he get’s notified that it’s a post direct at him and the post doesn’t go by unnoticed (in case there is a flood of posts).

Oh. That’s great advice. Thanks!

Great idea. :+1:

When Photoshop implemented this not long ago it was a very useful update.
Other Adobe apps had already been doing it for years. Photoshop was slow to the party.

Any input field that requires numbers might allow simple math characters:
- + * /
When user tabs out of the field Pro Motion would update the field with the result of the simple math operation.
So, type in “5+5”, tab out and the field would read “10”.

This update could save users time spent using a calculator by instead doing math for them right inside the program.

Really great ideas. Added to my list. Something like a percentage is missing anyway in that dialog :roll_eyes:
Would like to add that right away but it will still take a while :-/

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